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March 12, 2009



Who, exactly, told you how the nominating process works? I would expect it to be more like Bob Bain's other awards show, the Teen Choice Awards, where, in the past, producers had sole say over the nominees based on, among other things, who they thought teens liked.

(Also, you have to question any poll in which the top four "Favorite Male Athletes" manage to leave out both Tony Hawk and Shaun White.)

Colette Moran

I got the info about the voting process from a story in the Washington Post. Apparently all their reporter's emails were answered, unlike mine.


I have to whole-heartedly agree with everything that was said here. My nine year old daughter was excited to a part of the voting process here. When we got online and saw the nominees I was outraged. I was reading things aloud as we went along and when I reached the part of the song, "I Kissed a Girl..." I abruptly stopped. I had to scroll down quickly so my daughter wouldn't even see that. She doesn't need to even know such things! And T-Pain, well, I had no idea who he even was until my 18 year old son shared his song lyrics with me. Explicit! Explicit! Explicit! I heard one of the songs and it was NASTY!!! Never in a million years would I let my young children listen to such crap! And Kid Rock, well, he's quite explicit as well. I'm disgusted! Should I even let her watch this? *sigh* What is this world coming to?

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