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June 11, 2009



While I believe Letterman was completely wrong in making crude jokes about any of Palin's children, I can't help but to think: Karma's a b---h. She never apologized for the highly inflammatory remark that Obama was "pallin' around with terrorists," and she refused to recognize the racial implications of this oft-repeated statement.

I understand her outrage, as all mothers should be outraged. I'd like to see Letterman issue a genuine apology. And I'd like to see Sarah Palin take this opportunity to consider the effects of harsh words she's spoken also, but I highly doubt she will. It's also about time she stop bringing up how the media treats Obama with kid gloves, but not her family. Obama called upon the media to leave their families, hers included, alone. And I dare say that bloggers and some media outlets are just as cruel to the Obama family as they are to Palin, right down to the silly critique of the Obama family dog pick...

jessica johnson

I'm not even sure I understand the first post by "fairmack". A t.v. personality with a stupid joke fulfilling the Final Holocaust?! A stretch, to say the least.

Letterman's joke was ill-conceived, and his apology less than genuine. Shame on him. Regarding Sarah Palin, I agree with Jen. She should absolutely defend her family, but haven't her remarks over the past year been just as inflammatory? Shame on her, too! I understand we're talking about two separate issues here, but sometimes what comes around goes around. At a time when our nation was about to elect a president who would take over two wars and an economy in shambles, she stood on stage every chance she got and attempted to invoke an unecessary and unfounded fear into the heart of every american. She gladly accepted he "bulldog" role, to the extreme, and conservatives ate it up (with the exception, ironically, of John McCain in the end; at least that's what I think). I think the american public spoke louder than any of them, voting to allow diplomacy to win over fear, to allow intelligence, logic, and openess to win over boorish behavior and strong-arm tactics that simply haven't worked at home or on the battlefield. Thank God.

I only hope that this same american public, especially those who watch the show, forces Dave to issue a stronger apology. Unfortunately, Hollywood is cruel, which is why I don't tune into much of that stuff (talk shows, reality shows, even many news sources just don't have a grasp on my reality, I guess, and I find them neither entertaining nor informative).

Colette Moran

never ceases to amaze me how liberals can take a situation that is crystal clear and muck it up.

I deleted the first comment because it was clearly someone railroading this topic to talk about a completely unrelated one, but I left the other two up despite the totally predictable left-wing tendency to try and turn it back on the right.

Palin did say that Obama was "pallin' around with terrorists" because he was. Just because you still refuse to accept it for what it was still does not make it untrue.

And Obama did not win because America rebuked this type of talk. A win does not validate everything the left stands for -- it was simply a guy winning an election, under very dubious circumstances, I will add. (And we'll see just how well "diplomacy" works with North Korea and Iran. But "openness"? Which President have you been watching? Obama is anything but transparent.)

And calling out the President on breaking his promise to save a shelter dog (just another of his endless broken promises) is "cruel"? It compares to saying a woman looks like a "slut" and making snide sexual jokes about her daughters -- or calling her the "C" word as I have seen so many bloggers/blog commenters do?

(I think this is currently overused and have shied from it lately but it is too appropriate -->) Puh-lease!

But thanks for admitting that Letterman should issue a stronger apology. I don't believe he should lose his job over this, as some have suggested. But I'm not holding my breath that we will hear any more about this from Dave.

(Oh, and a note to NBC -- Letterman beat Conan that first night not because people wanted to hear more Palin "jokes" -- but because megastar and always-a-great-interview-with-Dave Julia Roberts was on the show.)

One last thing -- while it is true and admirable that Obama told the media to leave the kids out of it -- he said it once, back in September of '08.

Maybe it's time he reminded them what he said. Or does he have a problem with that? Does he feel he can get by with just saying it once? "Well, I said it -- I can't help it they aren't listening" -- doesn't fly with me. Sounds like a blog post to come...

jessica johnson

I think I'm realizing that this back and forth debate doesn't work. What all of this comes to is one side continuing to blame the other, conservatives vs. liberals, and you and I maintaining that debate to no resolution. This all feels wrong.

You call me a liberal. Believe it or not, I was a McCain supporter until late in the race. During the last 4 elections, my votes have been split equally between the two parties. Liberal? Hardly. Open to who I think is right candidate regardless of party affiliation? Yes. I guess if Palin knew me, she'd catch me "pallin' around with liberals" and kick me out of her good graces.


Jessica, I've seen your comments posted here a time or two. I think you think too highly of this blog to continue to respond to this blogger's posts. She's an angry name-caller with a chip on her shoulder. I certainly won't be back.

Colette Moran

Yep, when I don't know someone and I make a guess that they are liberal, that makes me "an angry name-caller with a chip on (my) shoulder."

And I have plenty of liberal friends and acquaitances -- as does Sarah Palin -- and we don't kick them out of good graces.

That has been the M.O. of some liberals I know, however. I guess that now includes you Jen.

Jessica -- yes this back and forth is frustrating -- for instance, my assumption that you were a liberal was incorrect. If this were a real conversation, we could easily avoid such jumps to conclusions.

It does get contentious at times -- and I hate that too. But a woman has to stick up for herself, and it seems that too many times that is assumed to be mean-spirited. If you knew me, if this were a real face-to-face conversation, you'd know that I'm just trying to "keep it real" and hold people to the things they say.

Too many times I have been embarrassed when I discovered the reasoning or supporting argument for a liberal view I held (or still hold) was baseless or flawed. I'm just trying to do my best to bring opposing arguments to light -- coming from a woman who stands on both sides of the aisle occasionally.

Don't always succeed, but I'm trying.


Somehow, I don't think Obama will have the time to re-defend the Palin family. He'll be too busy defending his own wife from GOPers (and a multitude of online bigots) who call her a gorilla...

Colette Moran

As I said -- both sides have to stop. Yes, the spouses aren't children, but that's no reason to be rude. It's terrible what they say about Michelle. Even if she should make the occasional fashion faux pas -- why do some think that means it's open season?

And, have I heard BO defending her? Maybe he's decided that not giving them any credence is the way to go.

But he still should have taken the opportunity to "re-defend" the Palin *children* -- esp'ly since we're not just talking about the wacky on-line folks, but the mainstream media. He could easily have had his press sec throw it in during a briefing.

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