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September 28, 2009


Coleen M.

If only there were a stronger word than despicable or unspeakable! Blaming this "persecution" on "puritanical American society" as some of his defenders have done is ridiculous. Seriously, in Europe, 40-year-old men drug and rape 13-year-old girls on a regular basis and nobody bats an eye?!? Think for a minute of an actual 13-year-old girl you may know. My son is 12 and the idea that any of his classmates a year from now would be capable of consenting to sex with a man in his 40s is unthinkable. They are *children.*


The failure of words alone is pretty much the point of resorting to force. As for what happens in Europe...yes, things like this are somewhat more common there. As long as the right gratuities are paid and homeschooling isn't involved, no official eyes are batted.

Europe is...not the worst place in the world, but it isn't America either. I should think that your interest in fighting child sex-slavery would have made you more aware of the pertinent facts, but most of the world does not really have a problem with this sort of thing. Polanski paid the girl's family and refrained from actually killing her...according to the general standards of decency common to most of the world, he did nothing remotely criminal or even embarrassing.

It's something worth considering next time you're having an argument about whether America should bring it's laws more into line with 'international standards'. Actually, given that the current debate is essentially over whether American law-enforcement is justified in such an outre assault on an internationally acclaimed artist, I suppose it's worth considering now.

Colette Moran

Please tell me Chun ling that the way the above comment should be read is that it is a despicable state of affairs in Europe, but you are speaking of it matter-of-factly out of despair that it will never change.

jessica johnson

I would hope so, too. ChunLing, I read your posts and it's as if you exist on the outside of human living. Unfeeling. Analytical beyond reason and understanding. You're Yoda's evil doppleganger, except what you say rarely makes sense even after careful thought.


Tell me, when you refer to a "despicable state of affairs in Europe", are you talking about the fact that the arrest of this man was protested, or permitted in the first place? Do you think it unfair for me to question which you meant?

If you can't understand what I'm saying, perhaps it's because you haven't seriously tried. What about my previous post is remotely unclear? Where have I ever made any comment that could be construed as support for 'international standards' or the mass media's worldview? When have I expressed the least tolerance for...tolerance?

Actually, the real point is summed up very succinctly in the first sentence of my post. "The failure of words alone is pretty much the point of resorting to force." At some point, you have to go beyond just talking about how much this kind of thing offends or disgusts you. You must find someone willing to take action.

I know, you hate that such people exist at all, and you hate even more that you cannot live in security or freedom without them. You like to pretend that your expressions of how things ought to be are sufficient to make them so. And perhaps in a better world they would be.

But that world will only exist because of those willing to do what is necessary.


LOL! Yoda's evil doppleganger!!

guffaw...*gasp*...snort...guffaw...(water out the nose).


Colette Moran

Okay Chun Ling -- settle down. I had to re-read your first post -- you write eloquently at times, but sometimes you are quite unclear.

Maybe if you made simpler, more direct points... I don't know maybe I'm too much a plain-folk.

But you're last point is correct -- we have to do something to fight this. I'm writing these posts and writing in threads that FB friends have started.

If I have to, I intend to participate in boycotting certain films by certain directors, etc who have signed that petition for RP's release.

I also feel I try to educate people about the dangers that lurk in the shadows for young girls everywhere.

We can't just sit back and hope for the best for young women -- we must work to protect them.


I suppose that I should be more tolerant of the fact that your idea of "doing something" is so far from my interpretation of that term. I usually do make an effort, but I'm a reciprocal sort. In my view, those who are not willing to tolerate me have no reason to expect me to tolerate them. So when someone deliberately insults me to a certain degree, I tend to be less concerned about remaining polite.

Sadly, your worldview demands that I be...somewhat obscure, in order to avoid offending your sensibilities. I'm used to it, but the fact that I can't speak plainly without giving offense does play its part. I don't mind being hated, but that's rather a selfish way of looking at things.

On the other hand...those that hate me are free to not do themselves the injury.

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