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March 10, 2011



But even Megan Sampson isn't keen on Gov. Walker. Here's what was posted at JSOnline:

"Sampson said Thursday she felt uncomfortable with the governor using her experience to push an agenda.

'My opinions about the union have changed over the past eight months, and I am hurt that this story is being used to make me the poster child for this political agenda,' Sampson said. 'Bottom line: I am trying to do my job and all this attention is interference and stress for me.'

Sampson said her phone rang four times during evening parent-teacher conferences and that more than a half-dozen calls from the media had filled her voice mail Thursday morning. Teachers popped into her class all day, and students kept asking her about it.

Walker is a Tosa East parent; his sons attend the school. A spokesman for the governor said Thursday that Walker was intent on giving schools like Tosa East the tools to deal with their budgets without having to lay off good teachers.

Sampson, meanwhile, said she'd prefer to stay out of the polarizing debate.

'I'm a better teacher than I am a media commodity,' she said."

The right has a problem picking poster children. They always end up disgruntled (Joe the Plumber) or reluctant.

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