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November 29, 2011



You took two opportunities in this post to insinuate that President Obama is behind the bad behavior of those who would vote for him. And yet you assert that you encourage civility? So I guess it's OK to come to the conclusion that the kid who "accidentally" shot me with a BB gun last year did so because his parents were Palin supporters. Yep...come to think of it, that hypothesis feels right, since they told me how much they hated that Obama sign I posted in my yard.

Maybe your teen is mean because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


I said no such thing about the President being "behind" their bad behavior. If I was getting at anything, it's that liberals act as though they are the genteel peacemakers and those on the right are brutish hatemongers.

I am willing to say (in fact I did) that both sides have been guilty. The left just needs to stop pretending that they are not ever the provocateurs they often are.

And the fact that you turned this into a chance to slam both me and my daughter -- based on a call for a return to that civility (that the Prez called for)? -- proves my point.


Obama2012, my guess is that if Repubs had any noteworthy accomplishments to share, Clearly Neb wouldn't be so concerned about "outing" libs as "hypocrits" and would leave us to our own "sins" while concerning herself with her own political business.


Wow, I feel like such an important little fish in this big pond. Apparently, even blogs that only get a few dozen hits need to be "shut down."

But really, a tired overused statement about the GOP accomplishing nothing? (Bec the current admin has done sooo much -- or not.) That's the best you got?

All I'm looking for is honest dialogue that truly addresses the issues at hand. But instead, once again, all that someone from the left can do is try to poison the well.


Who said anything about shutting you down? No brown shirts here. Honest dialogue? I think you got that, too. It's just that you've been answered by two liberals who apparently disagree with your assertion that "liberals act as though they are the genteel peacemakers and those on the right are brutish hatemongers." Speak your piece. But maybe disable your comments function if you're looking only for love.

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