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February 03, 2012



There'll be no way out of this for "Meh" Romney. It's his McCain moment, as when McCain wanted to suspend his presidential campaign in order to race to DC for the bailout talks. Turns out, McCain didn't factor much into the outcome of all that. And he looked stupid, to boot.

Similarly, Romney is confessing, with this unfortunate turn of phrase, that he can't focus on more than one group of Americans. Republicans have been ignoring the needs of the middle class for years now. And now, many who WERE middle class are among the very poor. So he's probably lost many of those votes, if he even won them in the first place.

I'll give Romney this, he's unfairly judged for his wealth, and it's mind-boggling to see that judgment come from much of the right, who should be championing the fact that he exemplifies capitalist success. But Romney's got a knack for betraying his privileged nearsightedness, especially when such a perspective doesn't serve him well.

P.S. That media bias charge is so yesterday...I'll bet you'll be singing that song until a Republican is voted president.

Colette Moran

Thanks for your even-handed comments. Too bad you finished with an inaccurate assessment of the media.

My husband witnesses it on a daily basis, and saw it at its worst during the conventions in 2008.

And how do you account for the fact that 88% of campaign donations by journalists went to Democrats in 2008?

Unfortunately it isn't simply so yesterday -- it seems here to stay...


I don't know who your husband is, so the fact that he witnessed media bias doesn't really resonate. I witness it every time I watch Fox News. I witness it every time I read the WSJ. We're sensitive to bias that runs contrary to our own.

As for 88% of journalists donating to Democrats in 2008, I figure one could put that down to the abyssmal job GWB was doing. Who WASN'T ready for a change once his 8 years were finished?

Peter in Whittier

My co-worker's that are conservative and see Romney as their choice over Obama - yet none of them are homeowners and see him as speaking to them directly as if they are that middle-class he wants to help in their struggles. That's like a life-preserver being thrown only to Costa Concordia. I read Cleary Nebulous to be in touch and avoid the news media's tv and papers.

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