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February 23, 2012



How many Christian lives around the world did President Bush save? I don't know, but I can tell you how many he sent to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan...

I'm so tired of Americans acting like citizens of other countries should act like Americans. President Obama was right to write a letter to Karzai. As it should be, we can always uphold our high American standards, even in the face of barbarism. We set our own bar for religious freedom and diplomacy, and our bar's "height" should never be subject to how low other countries will go.

Besides that, President Obama's letter will probably save the lives of soldiers who are still fighting in Afghanistan. People with no military ties will ever understand that. It's always been my experience that the argument on behalf of "persecuted Christians" abroad is always taken up by folks who have the luxury of being "armchair patriots."


By the way...


Colette Moran

You're tired of asking citizens of other countries to act like Americans? Putting aside the argument that I have no problem with that -- how about just acting like decent human beings?

How are we supposed to take these radicals seriously -- and by extension their government -- when they have such an extreme reaction to an unintentional occurrence?

I guess I would have had less of a problem with the apology if it wasn't another in a long list. And if they had said something about how Karzai should now call upon all acts of aggression re this event to end.

But instead in response the Iran military said that only
the burning of the White House will suffice. http://www.haaretz.com/news/middle-east/iran-military-official-only-burning-white-house-can-make-up-for-burning-koran-1.414765

And as of Feb 26 -- at least 5 days since the rioting began and 3 days after the apology -- that apology has done nothing to stop the violence. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-afghan-koran-protests-20120227,0,5463678.story

And there is no need to attack anyone who takes up the cause of the persecuted who aren't in position to help them directly. Would you say the same to the members of Amnesty International? Don't think so...

[And Bush was right to issue that apology considering it was a deliberate smite, albeit by a dunderhead who acted alone.]


"How are we supposed to take these radicals seriously -- and by extension their government -- when they have such an extreme reaction to an unintentional occurrence?"

So... by "take them seriously," do you mean NOT bomb them into oblivion? What would your solution be, since preemptive attacks didn't work for Bush and you wholeheartedly disagree with Obama's offer of an apology?

Colette Moran

Oh, yes, we have been *so* on the verge of "bombing them into oblivion."

And I think the actions that came to pass for days after Obama's apology more than prove my assessment of it.

He should have been more forthright that the acts of vengeance needed to stop. But instead, once again it was viewed as an act of weakness and the murders continued.

All countries have their own beliefs and customs, but if they want to be taken seriously as part of the world community, there are certain expectations, and it's about time we held Afghanistan to them.


So your answer is that President Obama should have delivered a harsh rebuke, rather than an apology? Because the drones have been so ineffective? Because our years-long occupation of the country hasn't really delivered the message you want to see delivered? Because our men and women in uniform who've died in battle don't really say enough to you about the state of things there? Because even with the death of Osama Bin Laden, the insurgents still think we won't walk our talk?

Jeez..."armchair patriot" doesn't even begin to describe you.

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